PPC Monitoring Software

A comprehensive time tracker report with data-driven insights on each of your Ad Accounts

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Improve PPC Monitoring

It’s a challenge to spread limited resources; that’s why we've developed PPC Listenr to identify resourcing blind spots and improve the effectiveness of your team.

Use Cases

Key Features

A PPC Agency monitoring tool to identify resourcing
blind spots and support the effectiveness of your team.

Predictive Hours


Account Hours

Listening to API changes, our smart Algo predicts how much time is spent on each account.



Learn about each change made in your Ad account, gaining an understanding of your team, Google and any 3rd Party solutions that are making changes in your account.


Account Activity

Investigate how often changes are made per account and ensure adequate activity is happening

Session Breakdown


Time spent on Tasks

See how much time your team spends on each activity and task.


Staff Activity

See the pattern of how regularly specific tasks are completed to identify areas of training or possible automation opportunities.



Get a summary of a group of changes and view an opinion on what a group of changes could likely be used to achieve.



Resource Management

Allocate a set number of hours to each Account and pace towards usage of those hours

Neglected Accounts

Identify neglected accounts under your management to ensure that resources actively manage each account.


Neglected Sectors

Identify neglected sectors on your accounts, and learn if things like Ad Copy haven’t been updated regularly or if budget management is being neglected.

Built to scale your PPC Team


Grow your PPC Team

Start simple, build your team then rank amongst the best PPC Talent

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