What Are the Latest Online Digital Directories You Should List Your Site On

The Latest Online Digital Directories to List Your Site On

For a marketing agency to succeed, it needs to be able to generate leads for itself before it can move on to performing this critical service for clients. And when it comes to marketing a marketing agency in this digitally driven era, online business directories are key. 

What is an online directory listing?

This is a submission-based online service that lists companies according to certain industries. While many of these business directories allow you to list your services free of charge, there are typically charges related to unlocking key features of your listing. Some of these features include:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Contact phone number
  • Hours of operation 
  • Your website and social media accounts
  • A brief company description 
  • Your services offered or products sold 
  • Photos of your company, products or services
online digital direstories for marketing agencies

Where do you find online business directories?

These listings can be found in various places across the online space. These include:

  • Technology partner listings who want to provide added benefit to clients;
  • Companies wanting to highlight successes in the marketing industry; and
  • Third-party companies connect businesses with marketing solutions. 

What are the best online directory listings?

The number of online business directories is quite profound, and you can certainly market yourself across a few of these. But here’s an idea of our top 9 business directory listings. 


This is a great online business directory to increase your search ranking, web traffic and audience engagement. 

Using a 100-point scale based on 70 criteria, WooRank will measure your site’s performance for enhanced optimisation. They allow you to sign up for a free trial, giving you a good sense of the directory’s worth before committing. 


This popular directory ranks partners according to their marketing performance and business volume. Rather than those who have just bought their way to the top, only companies with sustained success are ranked at the top. For clients who want a more specialized offering, Hubspot divides its marketing agencies into categories including price, location, and services.

Mailchimp Experts Directory

For marketing agencies that work extensively with MailChimp software and demonstrated success, there’s Mailchimp Experts Directory. Agencies apply for the partner programme for listing which comes at a cost, and then brands can search for their services using MailChimp. 


Marketing and advertising agencies can join 4A’s in a membership capacity and then enjoy the benefits of this membership, including training opportunities. 


While digital marketing listing is certainly one component of the Clutch directory, it does list a number of other adjacent industries including public relations, video production and software development – among others. You are welcome to list your agency free of charge, but they do require three client references. 

Google Partner Directory

Your agency requires a Google Partner certification – which is free – and this automatically allows you to list on this directory. The Google Partner programme showcases those agencies that have displayed exception work in the Google platforms, including AdWords, YouTube, Google Shopping and Analytics. It is free to apply to join the Google Partner programme. 


This particular online business directory is effectively a ‘marketing broker service’ that matches the right marketing agency with clients for a particular project, based on necessary data. They rely on an algorithm that searches the back-end, making it a hassle-free connection. Users can register on Rnked for free. 

Agency Spotter

This online business directory is a review-driven listing whereby they use verified client reviews and a search engine with detailed filtering capability so that brands can find the right fit. In addition to marketing agencies, Agency Spotter lists digital agencies, design agencies and strategic agencies. 

Facebook Agency Directory

This is the latest online business directory but is currently limited to Asian and Australian industries for membership. Despite this, it’s set to become an invaluable resource for marketing agencies looking for a Facebook niche. It’s currently offering listings on an invitation-only basis with plans to open this programme up to qualified agencies soon – so watch this space. 

What are the benefits of listing on an online directory?

What are the benefits of listing on an online directory?

While many people can search for your business via a search engine, your best bet for building a client base is by listing online. Here’s a look at why. 

You build your brand reputation

There are so many business listings today, which makes clients increasingly picky. They’re going to look for businesses with a prominent online profile, customer reviews and high rankings. Online business directories are considered a much more reliable source for locating trustworthy businesses with particular checks and balances in place. By listing your business in a directory, you’re establishing a positive brand reputation

Drive web traffic

By establishing your brand as reliable on a business directory, you are benefitting from increased exposure to potential markets that are often difficult to break into. The more online listings you have, the higher the traffic to your website which will secure you more leads. 

Increased SEO

As a verified business listed online, you are increasing your brand’s visibility through improved search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is reliant on the number of links that redirect back to your website – also known as the backlinks. The more online directories you’re listed on, the increased number of backlinks resulting in a higher SEO. 

Build up customer reviews

A number of key business directories have a section that actually allows customers to rate and review your company’s performance. When searching for a potential marketing agency, many customers will check out these reviews as an indicator of your company’s performance and potential. Testimonials, reviews and ratings increase business popularity. 

Local business listings

Many of the online directories will sort the business listing by location, making it much easier for local customers to find you. While many marketing services can be offered from a distance, some clients – and businesses – prefer a level of direct interaction which makes this beneficial. 

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