Exciting Email Marketing Trends: Interactive Emails

Exciting Email Marketing Trends: Interactive Emails

If you’re not already relying on digital marketing in 2022, then it’s good that you’ve started researching! One of the more effective marketing solutions in the digital realm is interactive emails. Here’s what you need to know about these impactful email marketing trends and how they can be used to drive your business. 

“Traditional marketing is still effective for getting your message out there to people. But if you want to truly engage with your customers and know what messaging they respond to, nothing is more effective than digital marketing.” – Forbes

What is an interactive email?

If you want to know what the latest trend is in email marketing, this is it! Interactive email is about encouraging customer engagement through the email itself. Where a static email will drive traffic to a website or landing page, the email just cuts out the middle man and directs the user straight to the action. 

Interactive emails are about streamlining the experience so that there’s no hindrance along the way, but they’re also about entertaining the reader so they want to engage. 

What is interactive email content?

There are several ways that you can make your email content more interactive, but it’s really best to work with digital marketing professionals that can adapt the content to extend your brand messaging. Here are some of the content options you and your team can consider. 

Countdown timers

If you’re launching a new product and want to get customers excited and prepared to make an instant purchase. Here is where a countdown timer is a great option for your interactive email content. Countdown timers not only alert customers to your latest product, but they also create a sense of urgency; they show that numbers are limited so they need to get in early. Alongside product launches, countdown timers are great for alerting customers to milestone celebrations and discounts and free trials. 

Personalised emails

Today’s customers don’t just want to be a number; they want to feel seen. By leveraging data through business intelligence and other data-driven tools, you can customise your emails to make them interactive. This includes addressing the customer by name. Perhaps offering specials and discounts on their birthdays, and tailoring the product or service to their learned preferences. 

Interactive quizzes

Another fantastic interactive email idea is interactive quizzes. In fact, these are also a great way to gather the personalised information required for more customised interactive emails later on. For this, you can ask questions that narrow down your customers’ choices and drive them to the best-suited products for their tastes. These also drive traffic and engagement very effectively. 

Polls and surveys

In a similar vein to the interactive quizzes are polls and surveys you can email through. These also help further collect data related to your customer demographic and preferences. It allows you to streamline future marketing campaigns. 

Rotating banners

If you have a lot of information or graphics to share in a short space of time, using rotational banners on an interactive email is a great option. This is really well suited to travel and tourism companies that want to showcase various travel packages, accommodation offerings and tourism sites. News and media outlets can also leverage this unique feature. 

Memes and GIFs

There’s no doubt about it, people really like memes and GIFs – whatever way they pronounce them! A GIF is a set of static images used in multiple frames to get a humorous message across, while a meme is a single static image. If you have a really creative team, you can make your own brand-relevant meme or GIF that captures the audience’s attention. 


Gamification in interactive emails is a really effective way to grab your customer’s attention and retain it for a period of time. Remember that the game needs to be an arcade game of sorts with levels and scores that allow customers to compete with friends. You can include a call-to-action button that attracts them to buy the product now. 

Why use interactive emails over apps?

While apps are still a great digital marketing tool, there are ways that interactive email is actually the preferred option. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Decreasing downloads

The novelty of apps is declining. People are much more discerning when it comes to downloading something new that will take up space on their phone. 

  • Fewer clicks

The steps from grabbing your customer’s attention to buying a product can be achieved in fewer clicks with an interactive email. An app relies on downloading, installing and learning new functionalities. 

  • Mobile-friendly

More and more people are actually checking their email on their phones. So, interactive emails are now mobile-friendly, with fewer data requirements. 

Interactive email marketing is not only a dominant email marketing trend, it’s leading the way in digital marketing in 2022. Get your marketing solution right from the start by contacting ClickTrain today.  

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