Defining the Roles Within Your Marketing Team

Defining the Roles Within Your Marketing Team

What do SEO specialists, data analysts, and PPC experts have in common? They’re the forces that make up a winning marketing team.

When a marketing team lacks clearly defined roles, the face of the company could look garish, clownlike or plain. And that’s not what you want. It’s easy to see why your marketing team structure merits careful consideration. 

What Does a Marketing Team Do?

A marketing department consists of a few team members with different roles that come together to achieve overall company objectives. Defining the roles within your marketing team will ensure that individual members can perform their duties well.

Great marketing comes from a collaboration of many talents and is an interesting mix of science as well as creativity. It involves harnessing the strengths of problem solvers, out-the-box thinkers, researchers, strategists, risk-takers, and actionable goal-setters that get results.

An effective marketing team will not only be able to come up with all sorts of unique ideas but will know how to execute them too.

Some of the business functions that a marketing team fulfils include advertising, promotions, and brand development. Plus, think of customer service, public interactions, and running long-term campaigns. 

Let’s take a closer look at the specific roles that make up a marketing team. 

What Does a Marketing Team Consist Of?

Digital content marketing, online presence, social media – not too long ago these aspects of marketing didn’t exist. Now marketing is a very broad term that encompasses more skills than any one person could possibly manage alone. When you hire marketing people, you need to have a little insight into the specific roles that make up a marketing team.

Below are six of the roles that make up a marketing team powerhouse:

SEO Specialist 

Having a smart website that cost a lot of money is all good and well, but without search engine optimisation (SEO) very few people will get to see it. SEO specialists understand how search engines work and how to make your website visible on the internet by boosting the right kind of traffic. Plus, they formulate online strategies and work along with graphic designers, data analysts, web developers and content marketers. They use tools such as keyword integration and SEO metrics. 

PPC Manager

PPC experts supervise paid online advertising. They monitor ad performance, review ad copy and offer insightful feedback as a few of their specialities.

In a highly competitive space, digital advertising can become very costly, but a PPC manager will make sure your ads stay relevant and within budget. This takes skill sets that include finance, advertising as well as business operations. Managing your ad spend, bidding for placement, and liaising with the right agencies gets very involved and few companies have the resources to manage PPC in-house. 

Data Analyst 

Through analysing data, marketers can gain useful insights into consumer behaviour and learn how best to connect with their intended audience. A data analyst will study the results of your marketing campaigns and advise on what works, realigning the strategies that need improvement. 

There is so much data available to businesses, but all of it is useless if you don’t know how to interpret it. Data analysts contribute to the effectiveness of strategies and provide the invaluable information a marketing team needs to understand where to find success. A skilled data analyst will know how to gather the right data and communicate it to the rest of the team. 

Web Developer

If you’re going to have a business website (and you probably should) then it needs to be a good one. Your website needs to reflect all the qualities of your company image, uniform branding, and marketing goals. Plus, it must appeal to your audience, be easy to navigate and be scalable for mobile.

Your website is a unified effort of all the skills of your whole marketing team. A good web developer will understand this and model your site accordingly, creating a harmonious online presence.  

As with PPC, many companies choose to outsource the running of their website. 

Brand Strategist 

Consistency is key, and no one understands that better than a brand strategist. Not only do they work hard to maintain the company image, but they make sure that branding is uniform and easily identifiable across all marketing platforms. Think logos, colour schemes and styles that are presented in any form.

Content Marketer 

A content marketer works on a variety of platforms, uniting meaningful content across all the channels relevant to the business. They create the written copy that is displayed digitally and in print. For example, monthly email newsletters, blog posts (like this one), social media posts, and product descriptions.  

Content marketers receive insights from SEO specialists so that their work is structured around marketing goals. 

Not every business has the capacity for a fully-fledged marketing team. For many companies, outsourcing works extremely well. You might consider hiring a freelancer, remote worker, or agency to take care of the functions you don’t have the resources to accomplish in-house.

Behind any successful company is a capable marketing team. After all, marketing drives sales which directly impacts business profitability. If you’re looking for a digital agency to boost your brand, book a demo with ClickTrain and get your questions answered.

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