How Can AI In Digital Advertising Help You Maximise Business Results?

How Can AI In Digital Advertising Help You Maximise Business Results?

AI in digital advertising can take on many different forms. In spite of its delightful sci-fi connotations, its application in marketing is to do all the “unexciting” work. However, the outcomes of all this work are definitely not dull and can lead to invigorating results for brands. 

AI in the digital marketing context plays its part mainly in optimisation and creative delivery in line with past, present and future audience and performance signals. Or it can influence performance indirectly through business intelligence. Tacked on to commonly-used ad tech, it can make recommendations and even implement changes on your behalf to take advantage of trends and behaviours as they happen to drive the performance you are looking for. 

Your job as a marketer is to find the right tech. Look for software that will make your job easier and ensure that you are able to give your clients or brands a competitive marketing edge.

Easily Define Patterns

One of the key benefits of AI in digital advertising is campaign optimisation based on identifying patterns. A good balance is AI tech that can learn from the PPC specialist in conjunction with external signals to make recommendations. 

Nobody is really that comfortable handing over total power to a big black box, especially where ad spend is concerned. Therefore, look for a solution that allows you to have oversight of changes or to have an overview of recommendations. Alternatively, something that will allow you to clearly define optimisation parameters and change these as required. 

We still need to provide context to the AI world, and that’s invaluable. 

Improve Relevance

Once patterns have been defined, AI tech can allow ad tech to optimise ad delivery to reach users at the right point in their user journey. 

This is one of the reasons Google Ads’ responsive ad formats tend to outperform more static versions. They deliver more customised ad copy or run multiple variations to the same person with similar browsing behaviour to drive a person to take the action outlined by you as a campaign manager. 

AI will never completely remove the need for new creative. But it has simplified the execution of creative ad formats and expanded the number of variants available. This means creative tests can run for shorter periods of time. Changes don’t have to take an immense amount of internal design time, speeding up creative journeys to ensure a business is able to hit the messaging sweet spot more easily.

Back to Basics 

Oftentimes account basics, such as budget pacing or budget weighting, are undervalued, largely because they are… well, basic. Ironically though, as a marketer, you can’t afford to take your eyes off them. 

A good AI tool should be able to identify future opportunities. It should recommend budgets be moved to campaigns where results are pouring in at a better (and possibly cheaper) rate. 

Talk Back

Some of the best marketing results are achieved when ad tech, sales, CRM and business intelligence are able to feed data back and forth. This is supercharged when AI is added to the mix. 

AI, in its most basic form, is already changing the digital marketing space in many positive ways. (Provided we are discerning in what we allow it to do and what not.) However, the real challenge and the ultimate opportunity lies in our ability to feed back business information that will drive value. The more detail you are able to give an AI, the more it will learn to fall in line with your business. This will reduce wastage and push you beyond what anybody else is doing.

Will AI In Digital Advertising Work for You?

What really drives success in marketing and business these days is data and building infrastructurethat allows us to share information responsibility with the tools available to us. 

However, it’s not always easy. Especially when we are dealing with infrastructure implemented at a time when no one could have conceived it being used in this way; but it’s definitely proving it’s worth. 

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