Applying Google Content Quality Score to Your Landing Pages

Applying Google Content Quality Score to Your Landing Pages

There are lots of techniques that you can adopt to drive traffic to your landing pages, but ensuring your landing page has quality content is one of the top ways to achieve this. By using readable content, you’re improving your Google content quality score which not only attracts more customers to your site – it improves your chances on the Google ad auctions

Here’s how to make this work. 

Why does Google evaluate your content quality?

Google ranks content using a specific algorithm based on Quality Score as a way to provide users with the best solutions for their queries. They want customers to keep using Google as the preferred search engine, and that means providing the best content every time. 

How does Quality Score work?

The Google Quality Score rates the user experience that your landing pages and adverts provide when someone searches for your keywords. The score is represented on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 obviously being the lowest and 10 being the highest. 

Why is landing page optimisation important?

Improving the content, graphics and usability of your landing page are vital for both attracting and retaining customers on your site. Here are some of the reasons you should be prioritising this as part of your digital marketing strategy

  • Decreases your bounce rate: Your landing page should be tailored to your target audience to maximise your conversions. 
  • More shares: If your content is relevant, then readers are more likely to share it with others for better brand exposure. 
  • Improves your position: When people choose to read your landing page, Google notices and ranks you higher. 
  • Improves your Quality Score: Finally, optimising your landing page impacts how Google Ads calculates your Quality Score, ranking your adverts higher. 

How to optimise your landing page content

It’s clear that the content you include on your landing page is a major driver on the search engines, but how do you actually optimise this? Here’s how!

Update the content

Online content needs to be constantly updated to remain relevant as readers want the latest information at their fingertips all the time. If your content is outdated, it will rank much lower as your site is not considered to be as relevant as competitors. This means you should have someone on hand who can create fresh content on a regular basis. 

Ensure consistency 

This doesn’t only refer to your brand messaging, but also to the visual impact of your landing page as well. The reader prefers text, imagery and other web page elements to have a sense of uniformity that offers a much more professional impact. There’s nothing worse than off-centred graphics, constantly changing font type and size or colour clashing on a website. 

Consider search intent

You need to get inside the mind of your customers.Decide why it is they’re searching for what you’re offering. Your landing page needs to answer the question that they’ve turned to Google to answer. Many other websites can provide the solution to their problem, so you need to tailor your landing page to their specific query. Is the user looking for information or a product to buy? This will determine how you work the content. 

Calls to action

Once users have reached your landing page, you actually want to make a lasting impression so that they either return or are directed to buy a product or service. Include a call to action (CTA) on your site. This makes it easier for users to get exactly what they want without losing interest and going elsewhere. 

Establish your authority

You need to become the ‘go-to’ authority on whatever service or product you’re offering – but this takes time. You need to create consistently great content that speaks to your target audience and relies on authoritative sources. After producing quality content for some time, you’ll build your following. But it’s important to maintain this momentum or you’re back to square one. 

What are other ways to optimise your landing page?

Beyond the quality content, there are several other ways to optimise your landing page and improve your ranking. Some of these include:

  • Easy site navigation

The structure of your landing page must be clear and concise with subpages and categories that allow easy user navigation. Remember that your biggest drive is lead conversion. So, use a call to action to take your reader to the point of purchase as easily and quickly as possible. 

  • Optimise for mobile 

More and more internet traffic is actually coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With this in mind, it’s important that you optimise your website for mobile to keep this traffic flowing. 

Establish your website’s rightful place on Google Ad auctions by optimising your content and improving your Quality Score. For more help on digital marketing solutions, connect with ClickTrain today. 

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