What Are The Top Trending PPC Tools In 2022?

What Are The Top Trending PPC Tools In 2022?

What are the top trending PPC tools that will maximise your online presence in 2022?

For companies looking to increase their online footprint, professional digital marketing is the only solution. And while there are many innovative marketing tools, PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is one of the best ways to expand audience reach using a more targeted strategy. For marketing officers wanting to get the most out of PPC, they have to be using the best available PPC tools. Here we’ll take a look at which PPC tools are top in 2022, and why that is. 

trending ppc tools to reach your audience

What is the most used PPC tool?

When people ask about which PPC is best, the answer is often Google Ads. And while this certainly remains a dominant tool in the PPC landscape, optimisation is more than just adverts. It comes down to various elements such as keyword research, competitive research, copywriting and bid management – all of which rely on effective PPC tools. There are various types of PPC tool options:

  • PPC management tools: These help you manage campaigns such as adjusting the advert budget, groups and creatives.  
  • Reporting tools: These help you measure and analyse your campaign results including successes, failures and interesting trends. 
  • Competitor research tools: These help you research the competition and curate keyword lists.  
  • Bid management tools: If you’re looking to automate PPC campaigns, this is a great PPC tool to consider. 
  • PPC landing page tools: This is where you optimise the landing pages your PPC campaigns are linked to. 

What are the top PPC tool trends?

There are so many PPC tools to assist you in achieving your or your client’s marketing goals. Here’s a look at the categories and which tools are leading the way in PPC marketing within the relevant categories. 

PPC management tools

Google Ads

This remains the most far-reaching PPC tool. Google is the dominant platform with around 92% of the global search engine market. With Google Ads, you can set a monthly price cap while pausing or adjusting ad spend in real-time. You have complete control over your advertising budget. They also offer Google’s Quality Score which lets you know how the advert is performing for better optimisation. Some of the ad options include:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Display Ads 
  • Video Ads

Microsoft Advertising

You may remember this PPC tool as Bing Ads? Microsoft Advertising effectively helps you reach Bing, Yahoo and MSN searchers using text-based adverts. While Google remains the dominant search engine platform, many American-based internet browsers rely on Bing, making it the default search engine. Also, PPC advertising is generally much cheaper through this option.

Amazon Advertising

If you are looking to be found on Amazon desktop, mobile and app searches, then Amazon Advertising is the best PPC advertising tool to use. It’s a great option for e-commerce brands with valuable remarketing capabilities. 

PPC reporting tools

Google Ads Performance Grader

Owned by Wordstream, this PPC marketing tool works alongside Google Ads to grade your campaign performance with a rating from zero to 100. Google Ads Performance Grader is a great help with PPC optimisation. 

Google Data Studio

This PPC reporting tool lets you monitor your marketing campaign across Google, Microsoft, Meta and others on a single dashboard. Google Data Studio extracts data from Google apps, Adobe Analytics and HubSpot through connector apps 

Google Analytics

GA is a great PPC reporting tool. Whether or not you’re running a PPC campaign it allows you to view the overall performance of your site. Google Analytics lets you check in on Google Ads performance which is inherently useful. 

PPC competitor and keyword research tools

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is an important way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, as it helps you find related keywords and create keyword lists. Google Keyword Planner captures organic trends accurately but is not as intuitive as competitors. 


PPC competitor research is made simple! This tool allows you to find the top organic and paid competitors for a keyword in Google search. With SEMrush, you can then strategise your copywriting accordingly. 


This PPC keyword research tool finds your competitor’s keyword bidding, ranking and ad variations – bearing in mind that your competitors are doing the same to you. 

PPC bid management tools


This is a YouTube-focused PPC management tool that lets you create targeted keyword campaigns and identify new audiences on the YouTube platform. 

WordStream Advisor

For smaller businesses, Wordstream is a great PPC bidding tool. It scans PPC campaigns for low-performing ads so that you can use a new strategy to maximise the conversion rate. 

PPC landing page tools


If you’re looking to build a landing page, then this is one of the best PPC tools to use, particularly if you have little or no coding experience. 


Boasting similar content builder features as Unbounce, Instapage allows you to drop and drag elements to and from the page or edit with a single click. 


Finally, Hubspot is the ideal PPC land page tool which is also being used prolifically by marketers for email and social media. It’s a user-friendly PPC tool with full-funnel reporting. 

Benefits of Trending PPC Tools?

To get the most out of any PPC marketing campaign, it’s vital that you rely on the best possible PPC tools. Through an effective PPC campaign, you and your client can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast results: With PPC advertising, your business will benefit from near-instantaneous results. 
  • Quantifiable results: Every aspect of PPC advertising has actual, measurable results. You can immediately see whether you’re getting your money’s worth. 
  • Targetted audience: With PPC advertising, you’re able to completely customise your adverts so you’re reaching the right audience with the right information. 
  • Localised marketing: PPC advertising allows you to reach your local target market for in-person interaction.  

There are a host of PPC tools available. (Although the best do come with justifiably big price tags and the need for expertise.) Often the best route is to work with established PPC marketing agencies. Why? They can incorporate the software costs and provide you with a hassle-free, tailored marketing service. 

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